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Chrystyna Fleychuk
Conductor of the Trembita State Academic Chapel of Ukraine (Lviv).

        Chrystyna Fleychuk was born in Drohobych (Lviv region) in 1980. Chrystyna began piano lessons at the music school at the age of six. She studied at Drohobych State College of Music at the Department of Conducting in 1995-1999. During the study, Chrystyna was a co-founder and a conductor of the Sophia Church Choir at the Saints Faith, Hope, Charity and Sophia Church in Drohobych. The Choir sang Divine Services in the Church each Sunday and gave numerous concerts in Ukraine and abroad, mostly in Germany. In 1999-2004, Chrystyna Fleychuk studied at M.Lysenko Lviv National Academy of Music in the Prof. Jury Lutsivs class. Then she became a post-graduate student of the Academy. In 2003, Chrystyna was awarded the first prize at the Choral Conducting Competition devoted to the 100th birthday anniversary of the patriarch of Lviv conducting school Prof. Mykola Kolessa. She was also awarded the second prize at the National Competition for Choral Conductors in Kyiv in 2005. Chrystyna Fleychuk began to work with the Trembita State Academic Chapel of Ukraine (Lviv) in 2004. As a conductor, she has performed with the Trembita Chapel in Ukraine and abroad. Repertoire with the Chapel has included the Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Christmas programs, Ukrainian sacred music, numerous opuses by Ukrainian and foreign composes.


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